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I Am Fine

As I get closer to the 2-year anniversary of my first major panic attack, a symptom of postpartum depression after weaning Jack from breastfeeding, compounded with a long family history of severe anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders and so on, I try to think about...

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the Habitation Game – Book Synopsis

Were you hoping to read something from me today? Well, I really hoped you were because I realized I haven't released my book synopsis to everyone yet! What better way to do that, than right here on the blog?! I hope you enjoy it and are ready to read this bad boy...

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Sweet Pie and French Fries

He picked me up an hour later in his first generation Toyota Prius. I’d never seen the first generation of Prius. On our first date we had met at the Bowling Alley, because I’ve learned from past dating experiences that giving a first date your address can be an annoying, regretful, and sometimes frightening experience …

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Isagenix Day Two

It’s not my place to get into the nuances of nutrition and healthy eating – I’m not a registered dietician and I’ve primarily made eating right a mission for myself. So, I’m not going to preach about food and eating correctly or the farming industry, or the benefits...

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I sit adjacent to her long, sinewy arm, our legs brushing against each other’s by force of proximity, and I stare into her piercing, icy blue eyes - I’m not going to back down this time. Her character assassination, though disguised as a general opinion of sorts is...

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Adiós Chihuahua Ojo

My mom’s dog died last week. I know, I know, but don’t worry - she still has my dad and her health. And she’s pretty young, so there’s that too. It’s interesting how much we rely on our pets: for friendship, protection, emotional support, and as great excuses for not...

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The Quickie

  This is going to be a quickie blog post before I head out overnight to a grad school meet and greet, interview, all of the above day. I’ve learned a couple of things about myself this past week. One, I know nothing about musicians. I listen to music and really...

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This is my story. Me too.

It’s awkward, it’s difficult, and it is hard to talk about sexual assault even when you live a life of openness. Victim isn’t an adjective I like to use in any context when describing myself. I prefer quirky, funny, kind, sincere – you get the idea. And I imagine that...

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The Neighborhood RV

It all started on Friday. Well, that’s when I noticed. I thought little of it at first, but vowed to keep my eye on it: a blue-striped Tioga, circa 1990, sans rust (thank G-d) RV. I found it parked across the street in front of my house, this utter eyesore in my...

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Oy! The Equifax Breach, Y’all

Hi Gang! Unfortunately this is not a funny post or a story, but rather a quick blog piece I wrote for one of the company's I'm a freelance writer for - and it's in regards to the recent Equifax Breach. If you don't have all the info yet, and need some information on...

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About me

I wasn’t born a Beeber, I married a Beeber and we became The Beebers… a typical American family. I use humor, a lot, especially when conversations are hard and awkward. I’m going to go ahead and use it here and see if we can’t laugh together at life being really real.

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