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Treatise Online Civility

I've worn many hats in many careers. When I say many, I mean it; anything to stay afloat as an artist and anything to earn while growing up without a lot/much of anything – I started working at nine-years-old and haven’t stopped since, except for my maternity leave...

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I Am Fine

As I get closer to the 2-year anniversary of my first major panic attack, a symptom of postpartum depression after weaning Jack from breastfeeding, compounded with a long family history of severe anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders and so on, I try to think about...

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My Son is a Single Father Syndrome or My Daughter-in-Law Sucks

I don’t want to spend the brief time I have your attention by boring you with details of how my MIL refuses to acknowledge my accomplishments. That just seems petty. Though, recently, when a loved one was listing off my typical workday, my MIL told her to “shut up” and then continued with “my son is way better than her. Why aren’t you listing off all that he does?”

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Time Off

I took some time off. I needed a few minutes alone, so I took a break in June and July to reassess the importance of my words. How do I say things, what message am I delivering, and how is what I am saying affecting the space I live in? You see, sometimes, it feels...

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Summer McLovin’ (#TBT)

Here's a special little #ThrowBackThursday piece I wrote for a project that fell through over ten years ago. About first jobs. Technically, it wasn't my first job, but for all intents and purposes no one really thought writing about my paper route was as interesting...

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Teachable Moments

With each thread of communication, your actions are a contribution to art. We writers are writing and illustrating what we see and hear. Our experiences and you contribute to those, are what trigger ideas and storylines.

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Humane Instincts

How often have I picked up a book and said, “YES!” registering the feeling that surely the author and I have walked in each other’s exact footsteps? Maybe I’ve never shot-up heroin or drank a case of Budweiser, but “yes, we are totally the same person!” How have I connected and registered with them so whole-heartedly? Why do I want to traverse on an unlikely adventure across wilderness or to foreign lands with this stranger that I know so well?

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I Want You To Know

I am a fairly educated person. I take the time to read, research, and learn about “stuff” whether or not it is a passion of mine or not. I like to be well rounded. Now, there aren’t enough hours in the day to be versed on all things and of course I don’t have the...

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The Second Wife

The title sounds like some sort of Lifetime movie involving a stunning, but emotionally wrecked, jilted ex-wife who plots against the innocent new bride of her former husband. The husband who works long hours at a non-descript white-collar job, and is complacently boring, not to mention daft; basically no man any woman would be dumb enough to go to prison over, and yet… Oops! Tangent – sorry.

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About me

I wasn’t born a Beeber, I married a Beeber and we became The Beebers… a typical American family. I use humor, a lot, especially when conversations are hard and awkward. I’m going to go ahead and use it here and see if we can’t laugh together at life being really real.

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