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The Best

Okay gang, it’s Mother’s Day and I have 4 blog posts written. I will sporadically upload them for your laughing pleasure, shortly.

First, I have a list of things that have made me absolutely happy as a human being, woman, and mom. Basically, what I’m telling you, is no matter who you are, I have a great, tested, and happy link for you.

  1. Yoga with Adriene FREE on Youtube. She is AWESOME, funny, relatable, and makes yoga not only accessible, but fun. If you’ve put it off, but want some yoga in your life – try Yoga with Adriene, seriously. There are five minute wake-up with yoga videos, 30 minute videos, and programs and I promise she makes yoga AMAZING.
  2. ApotheKELLY Wellness! Who knew I didn’t know it all? Hahaha, don’t be ridiculous. Seriously, Kelly breaks down and gives so much information on nutrition and how the things we eat benefit or hurt or bodies. Nutrition and Wellness with an easy approach. Unassuming, supportive, and full of good tips and information. A thought out and educated approach with compassion. I’ve just really felt a part of this group which is not an easy feat for me. You can find ApotheKelly Wellness on FB! 
  3. And for prenatal/post-natal Moms and really just anyone who wants a great home workout, I LOVE Moms Into Fitness (but seriously this is for everyone). Lindsay Brin packs so much into her videos, breaks down all the important bits for all those important milestones and focuses on pre/post natal issues. Two years later and I’m still working out to these videos. There’s always something new and a new monthly challenges! Never boring and really burns!

Okay, these are my favorite things, OH! and rebounding – thank you ApotheKelly! I recently learned the benefits of rebounding (from ApotheKelly Wellness) and I am loving bouncing! Checking them all out or don’t, but on this Mother’s Day I thought I would give my mommy recommendations. Happy Sunday, friends!

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